B.M.T Sports Management

B.M.T Sports ManagementWith the world of professional sports becoming one of the most marketed industries in the world as well as the influence that such an industry has on the consumer, B.M.T provides all of its sponsors the opportunity to be associated with today’s top professional athletes, in turn offering one’s brand a new platform of exposure to a large audience all the while remaining dedicated to keeping the integrity of that brand. B.M.T strives to associate the right athlete with the right brand and campaign, and offers a brand ambassador that brings with him reputation, fans and status.

Fighter branding sponsor includes:
- 20 street pole ads anywhere in Johannesburg for an 8 week period,
- Fighter becomes full brand ambassador,
- Branding on fighters shorts,
- Branding on fighters pre fight banner,
- Mentions at pre and post match interviews and
- Links to websites on fan pages and online adverts.

Exposure includes:
- TV: over 1000 000 views across SuperSport, Nu Metro cinemas, and live streaming from EFC website,
- Live exposure to an average of 8 000 people at EFC events,
- Online exposure to 5 000 direct fans on social media sites,
- Direct marketing advertisements on fan pages and online social media campaigns
- Various mentions in radio interviews,
- Press releases, advertorials and editorials,
- Associated print media including flyers, banners, billboards, and posters,
- Outdoor associated print media reaching and estimated 1 000 000 views,
- Email marketing campaign which reaches 1.5-million active users in South Africa.

For further inforamtion visit B.M.T Sports Management online. Or, contact Roxy Robinson on 079 479 8882 or email roxyrobinson@live.com/ info@pickaflavaevents.co.za.
(Created: 03 March 2011)
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