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Young entrepreneur launches media company – SchoolMedia

Published: 8 May 2012

Not your average 21-year old, Khethi Ngwenga from Soweto, started with a concept that has taken companies and schools by storm. Recently launched, SchoolMedia is a media company that strives to build up communities through connecting them via display systems that make information available to students and families alike, including regulated advertising of projects, products and services.

Young entrepreneur launches media company – SchoolMedia
Being the first in South Africa to launch a media company with a concept of its kind and as the only media platform of its kind that has been granted the distribution rights into schools, Khethi’s company has set the bar high. Utilising his creativity, passion and drive, the initiative informs the youth in schools as well as members of the community and offers a specialist media platform to corporates and government.

Erecting product in schools across Soweto, Khethi has already created a space in that community for projects as well as relevant advertising and marketing messaging. Companies and organisations can now purchase space in schools to advertise. In turn a share of the advertising spend is given back to the schools in order to encourage development.

"The vision for SchoolMedia is for the company to act as a conduit for direct communication to the communities in their own environment while providing marketers with an accessible, effective and cost effective medium across the country.” says Khethi Ngwenga, managing director of SchoolMedia.

For more information visit SchoolMedia at: www.schoolmedia.co.za or call them on +27 11 867 4377

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