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Jacaranda 94.2 Brand Xpand offers radio advertising without breaking the bank

Published: 26 January 2012

Jacaranda 94.2 and its sales house, Radmark, have evaluated ways of using unsold inventory on the station to give companies that are new to marketing over the airwaves, a good taste of radio and the ROI results it offers, without incurring large costs.

<i>Jacaranda 94.2 </i> Brand Xpand offers radio advertising without breaking the bank
This will be aimed at non-traditional advertisers – offering them expert advice on content and timing at the hand of South Africa’s leading radio sales house, along with an optimum combination of call to action- and branding advertising at a significantly reduced rate.

Starting the week of 20 February, Jacaranda 94.2 and Radmark will be hosting a series of seminars to introduce this offering to a selected group of prospective clients. They will be joined by world-renowned creative writer, Ralph van Dijk, who is guaranteed to share thought-provoking gems with significant bottom line bearing.

For more information or to book contact Candice Hess at Radmark on (011) 236 6691
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