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FNB’s new ‘Steve’ campaign

Published: 27 October 2011

FNB’s high impact ‘Steve from bleep bank’ ads yielded high sales enquiries and generated a few copycat campaigns. While emulation is a sincere form of flattery, FNB has moved into a new phase and has introduced ‘Singing Steve’.

The new spot will have some scarcity value as opposed to the bank’s earlier intensive airing and will run on radio and social media platforms.

The campaign launched 25 October and launches a new era of ‘Steve’ adverts that promise to entertain and inform audiences about FNB’s innovative products and services.

The new campaign arose from two musicians who switched their personal accounts to FNB during the initial campaign, then wrote and performed their song to FNB’s agency DDB.

FNB has managed to make their information-intensive advert amusing and impactful.

A follow-up ‘Singing Steve’ commercial is also nearing completion.

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