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Universal McCann launches the Chevrolet hot new Spark

Published: 10 August 2010

Universal McCann has put together another consumer engaging new product launch. This time it’s a Metro FM promotion called Junk In The Trunk, driven by the new Chevy Spark.

Universal McCann launches the Chevrolet hot new Spark
According to Kim Palmer, Media Planner for Universal McCann, the new Chevy Spark internal staff launch took place at Metro FM, where DJs and Metro staff were briefed on the mechanics of the competition and General Motors handed over 20 Sparks to the station’s employees to test drive during August.

Junk In The Trunk, runs for four weeks from 2 to 28 August, and listeners stand a chance of winning great prizes as well as one of the new Chevy Sparks. “This is a very targeted promotion which will allow General Motors to assist Metro FM in strengthening its relationship with listeners by offering an aspirational product which is literally within their grasp,” says Kim.

“For Metro, it means that the amount of time spent listening to the station will increase; the size of the target audience increases; non-listeners are attracted; and in addition, relationships are strengthened between all parties,” says Palmer.

Metro FM will execute a sound bite at the start of every giveaway, and listeners who SMS Spark and their guess to the number given could be randomly selected to go live on air to guess what the sound could be. If they guess correctly, they could win the Junk In The Trunk.

“On the ground activations will be run at the same time, where listeners who get to a particular dealership, where an outside broadcast is being held, will get an exclusive chance of winning The Junk in the Trunk. This will be a live on-air execution,” says Palmer.

Four Hot New Chevy Sparks will be given away over the four-week period, along with other prizes.

Weekly and daily updates will be posted on the website, as well as on Twitter and Facebook. “UM Connect has put together an awesome online campaign, with social elements, which will be focused on what’s happening on air to provide syndicated content,” says Palmer.

A separate promotion will run with YFM, which will host four separate events to promote the launch of the new Spark. One event will be run each month, from August to November, and each will have its own theme.

“A total theatre of the mind will be created with all of the sound effects that will be put together during the length of the campaign,” Palmer adds.

For more information on the campaign, visit www.thankspark.co.za; the Chevrolet Facebook page www.facebook.com/chevroletsa; or the Spark Lite website at www.thankspark.co.za/lite.
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